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La Cour des Augustins

Geneva City Center Hotel


La Cour des Augustins

Why should you choose a centrally located hotel in Geneva?

Visit the heart of Geneva on foot

To be able to visit the heart of Geneva in Switzerland on foot.

You first looked for a hotel near the railway station or even near the airport but finally ended up choosing a centrally located hotel in Geneva and you were absolutely right! For a romantic escapade in Switzerland, a business trip or a pleasure trip and visit of this beautiful Swiss city or else for a long stay in our aparthotel, discover the charm and comfort of the Cour des Augustins, a 4-star boutique hotel located on the Left Bank at the very center of Geneva. [link on the reservation page]


Visiting Geneva and enjoying its famous quality of life will be easy for you from your boutique hotel because just a few minutes on foot will bring you to the Old Town of Geneva with

  • La ville haute, with the Cathedral of Saint Pierre towering over it
  • The quartier des Rues basses, ideal for shopping and luxury in the center of Geneva – Rue du Rhône.
  • And also La place Neuve, the hot spot for Genevan culture-Conservatoire of Music, Grand Théâtre, Rath Museum.


And your tour of Geneva on foot would be incomplete without the discovery of the Town Center of Geneva with

  • very easy access to the Plaine de Plainpalais, all the museums of Geneva (just a few minutes away from the hotel), the Grand Théâtre, the Place De Neuve, the quartier des Bastions and the art galleries of the Quartier des Bains – especially the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MAMCO).

Like a sight-seeing visit along the right bank of the center of Geneva – the United Nations, the International Red Cross Museum, the Conservatoire and the Botanical Garden.

Visit the center of Geneva by tram

To be able to easily access and visit the center of Geneva and Carouge, in Switzerland by tram which plies very nearby the hotel.

The city of Geneva provides free passes for public transport to hotel guests valid throughout their stay.


  • Discover the poetic banks of Lake Geneva, the Geneva harbor… With the famous Jardin Anglais, the Flower Clock, the Parc des Eaux Vives and above all, the show highlight: the Jet d’eau (Giant Fountain) of Geneva reaching up to more than 140 meters.
  • And to explore the famous small village Sarde of Carouge just 10 minutes away from the hotel by tram! – renowned for its charm, its historical spots and its terraces…
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