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Tourism in Geneva: restaurants and weather
=> Our (partial) selection of the best restaurants in Geneva and Carouge!

Restaurants in Geneva

Whether you are looking for a gourmet restaurant, a restaurant near Lake Geneva, a restaurant open on Sunday or a restaurant in the Old Town of Geneva, don’t worry, there are a thousand and one restaurants to discover in Geneva and Carouge. The team of your boutique hotel in Geneva, La Cour des Augustins, invites you to explore the best gourmet restaurants in Geneva and Carouge [reservation link]. Here is our (partial) selection.

Restaurants in Geneva

Restaurant Le Jules Verne, one of the most popular restaurants in the area thanks to its ideal location across from La Cour des Augustins and its innovative and traditional French cuisine. 20 Rue Jean-Violette in Geneva.

Restaurant L’Épicentre. An original concept (one spice per dish), fresh, quality and seasonal products and a pleasant and stylish decor. In short, it is a restaurant where everyone feels good and where the journey of the senses is very promising! 25 Rue Prévost-Martin in Genève.

Restaurant Bistro de La Tour. A hidden treasure close to the hotel, the bistro reveals a sophisticated and original cuisine with a typical Swiss surprise: coffee is served with a piece of homemade dark chocolate. 2 Boulevard de la Tour in Geneva.

Restaurant L’Hédoniste. Very good restaurant, pleasant setting, simple and refined dishes with a wide selection of local products and a nice wine list. 12 Rue Micheli-du-Crest in Geneva.

Restaurants in Carouge

Restaurant Le Flacon. Come on in to 45 Rue Vautier and experience the mecca of Genevan gastronomy. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will love the delicious and creative gourmet cuisine of Michelin starred chef Yoann Caloué. 45 rue Vautier in Carouge.

Restaurant L’Olivier de Provence. Warning: innovative menu in Carouge with a beautiful shaded terrace, very pleasant in summer. 13 Rue Jacques-Dalphin in Carouge.

Restaurant Le Kudeta. Refined, sophisticated, creative and accomplished cuisine… Le Kudeta is also a very nice place for dinner in Carouge. 9 Place du Rondeau in Carouge.

Restaurant La Maison Rouge. In a vintage, intimate and cosy setting, the menu reveals a refined cuisine that will make gourmet food lovers fall head over heels! 17 Rue des Noirettes in Carouge.

Weather in Gevena

Our tips on weather in Gevena!

For romantic getaways, business trips or extended holidays in our aparthotel in Switzerland, Geneva is a particularly suitable destination. But as soon as you book, you ask a thousand and one questions about the weather in Geneva… and of course, it affects what you pack in your suitcase. The team of your boutique hotel La Cour des Augustins gives you some tips about the weather in Geneva.

Don’t panic: even though Geneva is in Switzerland, land of chocolate and mountains, the Swiss city has a temperate climate. Nevertheless, the continental location of Geneva favours pleasantly warm summers and rather cold winters.

So what are some tips on weather? Summers are suitable for swimming in the lake. Remember to bring light clothing and your swimsuit! In late summer, it can be quite hot and humid, giving way to storms and autumn weather. Snowfalls usually occur starting from late November until March. Remember to bring gloves, hats and some ski accessories as the alpine resorts are just an hour’s drive away!

For daily weather tips, check out our weather chart.

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